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The Importance and Value of Innovacoins

A Modern Cryptocurrency for the Education and Social Entrepreneurship Communities

Do you know Innovacoin, a decentralized, blockchain-based digital currency meticulously crafted for the education and social entrepreneurship sectors? Developed in Costa Rica and serving as the financial system for Innova City EdTech, Innovacoin empowers students, educators, and entrepreneurs by providing a stable, secure, and sustainable alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

Why Innovacoin?


Innovacoin is backed by the value of Design Solutions, the owner of Innova City EdTech. So, each Innovacoin is currently valued at: $0.25.

This ensures that Innovacoin remains a stable coin, with its value supported by the strength of the entire group of companies. At this price, it can be used to access programs that accept Innovacoin as payment.


Innovacoin is designed for seamless integration within the education sector, making it an ideal payment option for students, educators, and entrepreneurs seeking a swift, secure, and efficient method of making and receiving payments.


Unlike energy-intensive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Innovacoin is 100% ecologically sustainable, aligning with Costa Rica’s commitment to renewable energy and environmental conservation.

Cross-border transactions:

Innovacoin simplifies cross-border transactions, making it more convenient and cost-effective for users to exchange value between countries.

Innovacoin and Innova City EdTech:

Innova City EdTech, a groundbreaking educational and technological initiative, uses innovacoin as its financial system. Innovacoin’s seamless adoption within the Innova City ecosystem provides numerous advantages, including scholarship programs with a social focus, support for startups, internal research and development funding, and backing for the establishment of a proprietary university.

Token Allocation:

Innovacoin’s allocation is distributed among various initiatives that reinforce its educational and entrepreneurial vision, including scholarships, investment in supporting startups, financing the Innova City Institute and the academic and executive boards, and more.

Education Programs:

Currently, Innovacoin is accepted as payment for different educational programs, such as the Certification in Sustainable Innovation.


Innovacoin’s roadmap outlines its ongoing expansion, with new initiatives and partnerships being established to further increase its adoption and usage within the education sector.

Acquiring Innovacoin:

Innovacoin can be obtained through various methods, including making transactions with other individuals or businesses that already have Innovacoin, or participating in authorized community activities that reward contributors with Innovacoin.

Using Innovacoin:

We’re delighted to announce Innovacoin’s integration with the DEX Decentral Exchange, a significant milestone that empowers global transactions between educators and students. The integration has sparked an appreciable surge in Innovacoin’s value, extending its use beyond educational course promotions to a wider platform for transactions in our academic community.

The future Global University envisions decentralization in many facets, including its primary payment system. A digital wallet is all you need to get started with this vision, and it’s why we’ve prioritized a decentralized, green exchange. Such an exchange ensures superior security by not storing personal data or currencies, but remember, with this security comes individual responsibility for managing one’s access points.

In Summary:

Innovacoin is an academically-focused, secure, and sustainable digital currency poised to revolutionize the education sector and facilitate the exchange of value across borders. Don’t miss out on this innovation – get your Innovacoin today and be a part of the future of education!

*Note: The value of Innovacoin mentioned in this text is subject to change. Please refer to the latest market data or official channels of Innova City for the most up-to-date information. Also, this page is not and should not be understood as financial advice or anything similar.

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